Friday, December 20, 2013

Merry Friday

Today I'm participating in my very first link up, and who better to choose than Christina - her blog is beautiful and it's what first peaked my interest into the blogger world!! I initially stumbled upon Christina's blog when I was newly engaged and looking for more pictures of my sought out wedding venue. Since then I've been following and decided it was finally time to take the plunge myself, so hello world!!

Things that I am loving this week...

One | Today was my last day in the office til next Friday!! This little hygienist is one happy lady!!

Two | Flash forward to tomorrow which is our office Christmas party at Kings Kitchen!! I've never been here before but I snooped out their website and I'm so excited for some yummy southern cooking. Has anyone from Charlotte been here before?? It sounds delicioussssss

Three | I think I need a drumroll for this one... Can anyone else believe that Christmas is only 4 days away!!? It really didn't hit me until we hit the big 2 0 today that the 25th is literally right around the corner!! I'm pumped to catch up with momma bear and make some holiday treats before all the festivities begin!!

Four | I must share my newest addiction: Archer Farm's Sea Salt Carmel Hot Chocolate!! I admit my sweet tooth gets the best of me most nights, and this is the perfect treat to cuddle up on the couch with!! Thank you Target for filling my mug with this carmely, chocolatey goodness.

Five | Last but not least congratulations to one of my sweet friends on her engagement!! I am so blessed to be apart of this girls life. I have always looked up to her ambition, passion for life, and love of Christ. Let the wedding bells ring, I am so excited to see these two say I do!!

The two love birds, snagged for a test shot at my wedding - shout out to Julie Staley for being an amazing photographer!! 

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and the upcoming holiday!! I'm praying for snow but this Carolina girl is pretty sure it's not in the cards this year... Did I mention the high for today was 70?!! For now I'll be vicariously living through my blogger friends in colder climates!!

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