Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Drives

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Today is Sunday which is without a doubt my FAVORITE day of the week!! It means a guaranteed day off from work, coffee and eggs made by me, bacon and hash-browns made by husband, church with friends, and then whatever else we want because it's Sunday Funday!! My one guilty pleasure is definitely the random "Sunday Drive" - My husband and I take to the road, wasting gas, just to see what we can find...

Driving around with Tyler has always held some of my favorite memories. Our first date was just that - after the normal dinner and a movie we ended up taking to the backroads to see what we could find. He taught me how to drive his huge monster of a truck, claiming I was the first girl ever to drive it, which I still like to believe. We spent the night driving around in circles, getting lost and not wanting to go home. 

If you are ever bored and can spare the time and gas, try getting lost on the road with someone you love - I don't think you'll be disappointed!!

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