Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Friday

Five things I'm loving this Friday...

One | Valentines day is right around the corner and I'm super excited!! Tyler and I started dating exactly one week after Valentines day and this year marks 6 years of being together!! I know it's not a true anniversary anymore since we've gotten hitched but I still think it's still something worth celebrating. Plus it's the perfect excuse to avoid sharing a date night with the rest of charlotte - we usually do a belated valentines day and "anniversary" date all in one!! 

Two | I hope everyone enjoyed the snow fall this week!! It was fun to watch Smoke (our german shepherd) tromp around in the snow, however besides that I do try and stay as clam-like as possible. Thankfully our office did close due to numerous patient cancellations. Something about North Carolina drivers and snow just does not mix, me being included in that infamous group. Driving to work the following day I was still in driving miss daisy mode with my chin pressed to the steering wheel and all!!  

Three | I finally bought my first big girl watch!! I've been eyeing this boyfriend watch from fossil since Christmas but couldn't quite pull the trigger on this $125 purchase. Last week I was browsing TJ Maxx and found this at a steal of a deal - 60% off, hootie hooo!! Hello my new rose gold beauty!!

Four | Our kitchen is getting a makeover!! Since moving in our ugly blue countertops have been, well ugly and I am so ready for an updated look. Tyler and I are almost done picking out what we want so stay tuned for all the details!! 

Five | This week I expanded my cookbook with two new recipes!! This might not be much of an accomplishment for some but to find meals that Tyler and I can both agree on is tough work!! I don't wanna say my husband is a picky eater, but sadly he is just that. I say sadly because I do love to cook and experiment with new recipes. Thankfully he loved the new menu items!! Couldn't have done it without Des from Life's Ambrosia. Check out her awesome recipes, I'm sure you'll find something delicious!! OUR favorite was the shrimp tacos with cilantro-lime sour cream, sooo good with a big wedge of avocado!! 

Thanks for the link-up Christina, as always!! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoys the rising temperatures to come!!


  1. I loved your blog so much I nominated you for a Liebster! The questions are on my blog :)

    1. Thanks Taylor you are too sweet!! I can't wait to get started on your questions!!

  2. stopping by from the link up, totally random question but did I was looking around your blog and wondered if you got married at the Palmer Building in Charlotte?

    1. Yes ma'am!! Funny but that's actually how I found out about blogging in the first place! After finding The Palmer Building I was looking online to see how others had decorated the place and stumbled across Christina's blog at Carolina Charm :)