Saturday, September 20, 2014

Summer Highlights

Summer has blown by this year, as always. Not to say that I'm upset about this - I've already started fall shopping and enjoying my fair share of pumpkin spice lattes. I'm determined to have a decent wardrobe this fall/winter.
If you ask any of my friends I tend to avoid long sleeves and jackets, even when it is clearly too cold to be without. Time to grow up and don what you people call sleeves...

Anyways, back to the past couple months that are totally absent from my little blog.
Here's the highlights from a summer I haven't yet documented in any way...

May | Tyler and I went on a day trip to the mountains to witness the marriage of my lovely friend Sara and her now hubby Kyle. Their day was absolutely beautiful and purely Christ centered!! It was so sweet and spiritual, loved being a small part of that day!!

June | I had my first shooting lesson with my man!! He's still encouraging me to get my concealed but haven't found the time or motivation to do it just yet. At least I've now gained the confidence to shoot a 45 without wincing first!

July | Our belated honeymoon finally happened. We went to Myrtle Beach for a few days with our friends then slipped on down to Charleston to spend the rest of the week solo. Lots of eating, walking, and sleeping - just what we needed!!

Murrell's Inlet


August | I stopped spreading myself too thin working 48+ hour / 6 day work weeks. Leading up to this was an internal struggle with turing down the extra income but it was for the best. I ended one of my fill-in jobs and with it a bit of unwanted strain/stress on my schedule.

September | We decided to put our house on the market!! I think this is the cleanest our house has been and stayed since we moved in almost two years ago. Time flies but we are ready to find a better fit for our wants and needs in a home.