Saturday, October 3, 2015

Time Spent

[ Back date November 10, 2014 ]

So the subject of our home search has been sitting in my drafts for a while now...

If anyone has been through this process I'm sure you know how consuming it can be. I've gone through many different stages of crazy in the past couple weeks; therefore this post has been written several different ways up to this point. Pity parties have been held and outlandish home lusting has occurred. I have been slightly obsessed with our online MLS portal, checking it several times a day, and more if I have the day off work.

In the back of my mind I kept telling myself, "yes we are blessed, yes there are bigger problems in the world" but my selfish wanting kept surfacing over and over again. I couldn't find peace in our home.

After all the time I've spent searching and looking, I can recall by memory the street names and details of several listings. I am the crazy lady who jumps every time I feel my phone vibrate with a new email. I admittedly check the MLS when I take a bathroom break at work because 3 hours passing makes a big difference?! The super convicting realization is, at the end of the day our home search is a purely worldly thing. If you add up that time throughout the day, have I spent nearly a fraction of it in study of scripture? Have I spent the same amount of time catering to my husband's needs? Can I recall as many bible verses as I can home listings? Have I checked on my friends and family as many times as I have the MLS? If we're being real the list could go on and on...

I know that I can't completely ignore listings because, let's be honest I'm obviously anxious to find a home - but I can re-prioritize my time and limit myself from checking a bazillion times a day...

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